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Use this Ogallala Data Directory (ODD) to discover natural resource and agriculture-related data for the Ogallala aquifer region. ODD exists to serve as a go-to resource for land managers, researchers, and others working in or studying the Ogallala aquifer region. Browse metadata records or search for specific topics, regions, or data authors using the directory's search capability.

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Acknowledgements: This tool was developed by expanding on the data record library established by the USDA-NIFA funded Ogallala Water Coordinated Agricultural Project (award number 2016-68007-25066, 'Sustaining agriculture through adaptive management to preserve the Ogallala aquifer under a changing climate') to curate data and files produced by that project team.

ODD has updated the digital architecture of this online tool, and worked to find, add, and generate additional metadata records, with funding support from a USGS cooperative agreement with the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (award number G20AC00068, “Synthesizing and organizing data to inform management and adaptation of the Ogallala Aquifer in the Great Plains”

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